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Outreach counsellor gratified by outcome of person-centred planning

Individuals will be motivated if they have choices
Friday September 9, 2011 —
Deb Bartlett

Outreach counsellor Jake Keithley feels gratified by the person-centred planning success he’s seen with one young man.

Just a few months after referral to the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI), John* is working towards the goals he has set, and is making natural connections with people in his day program.

Jake says when he first meets people who have been referred to BACI, “they all have some really great hopes and dreams for the future.”

BACI is committed to person-centred planning, and Jake says he and his co-workers “fully listen to the person and our primary goal is to support the person to reach the goals they want to meet.”

Upon having John as a new referral, Jake wanted to get to know as much about him as he could, including what interested him, what motivated him and what he wanted to do, and what supports he wanted from BACI.

“After meeting with him, we got a bit of a roadmap on where we wanted to go with services,” says Jake. He met with some of John’s teachers, staff that would be supporting him at BACI and with others to get “an all-encompassing picture of that person’s life.”

That whole process, says Jake, was really helpful in getting to know John as an individual and how to best support him “in a way that John thought was best.”

Though staff can provide opportunities, Jake says what matters is the individual having choice.

John was interested in challenging himself, and Jake says he wanted to set goals that supported John in making measurable progress towards his goals.

“All the while we were making sure it was John’s voice coming across in those goals,” says Jake.

After only a couple months, John is set up in his day program at BACI and has made many connections, says Jake. John has made “natural connections that have developed from his interaction at the day program.”

Jake has followed up with staff at the day program who report that John is enjoying himself, and his participation is valued. John is also working on the skills set out in the planning stages, like meal preparation and he’ll soon start hygiene, street safety and relationship classes.

“When it comes down to it, we’re moving in a direction John wants to be moving in, and I think we can tell that just by how motivated he is,” says Jake.

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* Not his real name




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