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Person Centered Planning

by admin | April 17, 2012 7:09 pm

Person-centered planning is a planning process that emerged in the 1970s where the central theme is inclusion. It is focused on the person with a disability, rather than on the needs of a program or service. Person-centered planning is infused within Positive Behaviour Supports, customized employment approaches and is important in fostering relationships in the community. It is guided by values that require a person with an intellectual disability to be involved in the planning process, to be given choices, and to be encouraged toward self-determination. The focus is on a person’s strengths and gifts, rather than on his or her deficits. Person-centered planning should give rise to five essential outcomes. The first is being a part of the community, having quality relationships, having choices and preferences honoured, living with dignity, fulfilling respected roles, and continuing to develop personal competencies. At BACI, we do our best to keep these principles in mind as we go about planning for the individuals we serve.

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