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BACI installs electric vehicle charger for community use

by Axiom | April 2, 2013 12:24 pm

The Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) community is excited about the contribution it’s now making towards sustainable transportation in Burnaby.

BACI recently installed an electric vehicle charger (EVC) on site at its head office located at 2702 Norland Ave.

“We’re quite excited about how we’re now able to contribute to more sustainable transportation in the Burnaby area, and we’re hoping that our next BACI vehicle will be an electric one,” says Carol Broomhall, BACI’s senior manager of communications and resource development.

The EVC, which has the capacity to charge two vehicles at once, is available for community use.

BACI worked with Big Green Island Transportation[1] to have the charger installed.

Jean-Michel Toriel, president, founder and CEO of Big Green Island Transportation, says BACI’s installation of the charger is good news for the organization and the community.

“I think it essentially show that (BACI) is looking at the promotion of clean transportation in B.C. and is wanting to promote their values and accommodate potential use for their own vehicles in the future,” Jean-Michel says.

Electric vehicles are a healthy transportation alternative for children and people who have a disability, he adds.

Jean-Michel says BACI’s location is central to the highway and close to commercial and industrial areas – an ideal spot for people in need of a charge. “It’s a very well-used corridor.”

There are an increasing number of electric vehicles on the road and fleets will be looking to use them as well in the future, he notes.

“It’s a great opportunity for (BACI) to reach out to the community and those who would use it. It highlights their values related to healthy lifestyles and reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” Jean-Michel adds.

Big Green Island Transportation’s mission is to assist with transforming green transportation as a better choice through facilitating the adoption of electric vehicle infrastructure.

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