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Finding strength and sustainability in relationships in 2013

As 2013 wraps up and she’s reflecting back, Tanya Sather says she’d like to be able to say that through a focus on relationships the people her organization supports are stronger and that the organization is having more of an impact than ever.

“Whether on a personal level or for the organization, it’s in relationships that our strengths lie, and our sustainability lies,” says Tanya, who is the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) co-executive director.

“For the people we support, I’d like to see that they are stronger because they have stronger connections and more people in their lives that care about them.”

BACI has a number of ways it supports people that can help them find stronger connections. These include working with them to find employment, get involved in hobbies and interests of their choosing and advance their personal relationships.

Looking back on the year as an organization, Tanya adds she would like to see that BACI has advanced its current partnerships, as well as explored and formed new collaborations.

These partnerships would be shaped by BACI’s strategic themes, which include investing as an organization, not just spending; partnering, not just being a recipient; working in collaboration, not isolation and working from a prosperity/sustainability model and not a charity model.

Tanya says she sees these partnerships allowing for various new initiatives to take hold, such as the purposeful purchasing initiative, which is a BACI policy to purchase from suppliers that advance the economic inclusion of people who have a disability.

Eleven months from now, Tanya adds, she’d like to see these partnerships lead to more employers working with BACI to boost employment opportunities for people who have a disability. Having more options and supports for early intervention services for children is another goal.

BACI is planning a revamp of its current physical space, and Tanya says she’s looking forward to seeing “a better work space and a better community space for people.”

“Through creating more accessibility in our building and some of the renovations, we’re hoping that will create even more open doors and more of a sense of welcome for the community,” she says.

Tanya notes that for herself as co-executive director she will be focusing on relationships through the year as well, whether that’s with the BACI board, persons served, families or external partners.

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