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Help shape the dialogue around developmental disability

by Axiom | January 30, 2013 2:19 pm

The Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) is inviting people to share their story and shape the conversation about the experience of developmental disability.  Explore storytelling, learn about the INcommon.TV  initiative and watch a short film during a meeting Jan. 31 from 3-4 p.m. at the BACI Large Ed Centre, 2702 Norland Ave. in Burnaby.

INcommon.TV is a web-based story-sharing channel. It encompasses stories on subjects including life, inspiration, social change and inclusive education.

“Sharing stories is a powerful way to explain and represent complex ideas, validate personal experience and reflect a commitment to the contribution and strength of diversity and capacity of citizens,” INcommon.TV partners say.

“We’re working with a collective of collaborative community partners to facilitate the creation and ongoing development of an online open source, open data multimedia story library and archive.”

INcommon.TV is striving to build of a story library for all individuals, families, agencies, government staff and community partners to share.

Stories can be communicated through a variety of formats including video, audio, photography, art and the written word.

With current technology and social networking, the actual process of story-sharing and story collection around the lived experience of developmental disability doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive, partners explain.

Learn more about getting started on sharing your story by attending the meeting and/or clicking on this link[1].

Read more about the vision and goals for INcommon.TV in an upcoming article.

If you have feedback on this article or a story idea to share, e-mail the writer, Natalie Hamilton, at natalie(at)axiomnews.ca or call the newsroom at 800-294-0051.

  1. link: http://incommon.tv/who-we-are/

Source URL: http://gobaci.com/2013/help-shape-the-dialogue-around-developmental-disability-2/

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