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Vision, Mission & Values

We are a grassroots, non-profit organization that has spent over 60 years providing innovative services for children, youth and adults with disabilities and their families.

We currently serve over 1,000 individuals and their families in Metro Vancouver by providing various training, development, social, recreational, and employment opportunities. With our 4 child care centres and Infant Development Program (IDP), we support over 400 children of all abilities and their families.

BACI continues to seek out opportunities to increase social awareness, and with integrity and conviction, effect change in the way individuals of all abilities are included in our society.

Statement of Values and Principles (What we believe):

We believe: (See plain language in green)

  • That citizenship must extend to all Canadians  |  We all have the same rights & responsibilities
  • That each person should be respected as a unique individual  |  We should be respected for who we are
  • That friends and family are of utmost importance in the lives of the people whom we support;  |  Our families and friends are important to us
  • That all people have the right to belong in their community  |  We can go wherever we want and be welcomed 
  • That all people be valued for the gifts that they bring to their community  |  We all have a lot to offer 
  • That people with disabilities should be supported and encouraged to make decisions that affect their lives  |  We can make our own decisions. We can have a good life.
  • In the importance of early intervention and early education for all children  | We can help kids learn and grow from when they are young 
  • In the importance of honoring and promoting environmentally and socially responsible practices as we fulfill our mission and vision | It’s important to do what’s good for the people and the world around us
  • In the importance of working in partnership with others (agencies, organizations, government bodies), to maximize the quality of life of the people we serve | Working with others is important to make lives better.

BACI also supports the Statement of Values and Principles of InclusionBC, and in particular:

We believe:

  • That remembering and sharing our history will help guide and build our vision for the future  |  It’s important to learn from our past
  • That inclusive communities enrich the lives of all citizens  |  Communities where we all belong are good for everyone
  • That services and supports must be delivered in a way that respects an individual’s diverse history, culture, race, religion and sexual orientation  |  Everyone is different and should be supported in different ways
  • That real work means real pay  |  People should be fairly paid for the work they do
  • That all children have the right to be educated in regular classrooms with appropriate levels of support  |  Kids have the right to get the help they need in regular classrooms.


The Association must be accessible to all persons who use and interact, or who may potentially use and interact, with our services. Systems and resources are useless if people cannot find, access, or understand them.

We make sure that people can find and use our services. 

Our Commitment: We are committed to ensuring that our services are accessible to all who may require them, or who may need to interact with us. We conduct yearly assessments of all sites used by the Association.

Access includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Physical environment. The Still Creek Centre and all properties maintained or used by the Association will be accessible for those who need them to be.
  • Communication/Language. The Association will endeavour to provide clear, accurate, and understandable information to those who require it. This includes providing information in plain language for those who request it and, where possible, to provide important information in the first language of those involved (i.e., through written translations or the use of interpreters).
  • Outreach. The Association will seek to distribute information about its own services (and subsequently, information about the general availability of support services) to different cultural, ethnic, and social groups who may not be aware of these resources.

We welcome feedback from all stakeholders with respect to our ability to be visible and accessible to the communities with whom we interact, and within which we operate. We will endeavour to provide whatever is necessary to assist someone to meaningfully access our services.

Disability Confidence

Disability Confidence means that all parts of our organization are accessible to, and inclusive of, people with disabilities. We actively work to remove barriers so that people of all abilities can contribute as employees, partners, or as participants in our programs or services. In other words:

At BACI, we make sure that all people can participate — and are included — in everything we do. 

All of BACI’s policies (rules) — like the ones for hiring people, what technology we use, or how to be healthy and safe at work — are written so that everyone’s needs and rights are included. 

People of all abilities can go where they want and feel like they belong. For example, people are welcome to visit any of our programs or buildings, or take part in any of our events or working groups. 

We hire people with disabilities and support them to work in jobs that they like.

We understand that everyone is an important part of the BACI family — and the community.


The Association provides most of its services through public funds, and to individuals who are amongst the most vulnerable in society. It is essential that we are accountable to the public, to the Ministry with whom our services are contracted, and to the individuals and families that expect us to be able to provide safe, meaningful, and quality services.

Since BACI gets money from the government (from tax-payers), we need to be open about what we do and how we use the money. We show that we use money to help people be safe, do what they want, and have good lives.

Our Commitment: To this end, our Association is committed to being transparent in its practices and operations, and to being accountable to all stakeholders for all aspects of its activities (individuals, families and personal support systems, the Ministry, the public and local communities, Association members, external professionals, financial donors, and so on). The only limit to this transparency shall be with respect to our duty to protect the personal information and privacy of individuals and their families.

We want to know what you think. We want you to be a part of what we what do.
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