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Staff directory

Executive Directors & Senior Managers

Richard Faucher
Co-Executive Director
e: richard.faucher@gobaci.com
p: 604-299-7851
Tanya Sather
Co-Executive Director
e: tanya.sather@gobaci.com
p: 604-292-1293
Peter Kerr
Chief Financial Officer
e: peter.kerr@gobaci.com
p: 604-292-1288
Carol Broomhall
Senior Manager, Communications & Resource Development
e: carol.broomhall@gobaci.com
p: 604-292-1277
Karey DeGenova
Senior Manager, Adult Services e: karey.degenova@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-4282
Heather Johnstone
Senior Manager, Collaboration & Service Design 
e: heather.johnstone@gobaci.com
p: 604-366-9434
Lyn King
Senior Manager, Housing & Community Development
e: lyn.king@gobaci.com
p: 604-292-1272
Krista Moldowan 
Senior Manager, Children & Family Services 
e: krista.moldowan@gobaci.com
p: 604-292-1299
Lisa Thomson
Senior Manager, HR & Quality Assurance
e: lisa.thomson@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-4650
Lisa Joy Trick 
Senior Manager, Social Innovation & Technology 
e: lisajoy.trick@gobaci.com
p: 778-809-2780
Barb Trippel
Senior Manager,  HR & Quality Assurance
e: barb.trippel@gobaci.com
p: 778-788-1437


Avelina Britton
Housing & Community Development  e: avelina.britton@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-9167
Patti Dawson
Housing & Community Development  e: patricia.dawson@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-1886
Rachel Goldstien
Housing & Community Development  e: rachel.goldstien@gobaci.com
p: 604-314-1081
Michelle Kosciecha
Housing & Community Development 
e: michelle.kosciecha@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-5478
Arlene Moore
Housing & Community Development e: arlene.moore@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-7006
Edric Parasad
Housing & Community Development 
e: edric.parasad@gobaci.com
p: 604-328-9672
Dean Renning
Housing & Community Development
e: dean.renning@gobaci.com
p: 604-339-5750
Michelle Owen
Social Inclusion
e: michelle.owen@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-1548
Debra Burnett
Assistant Manager, Seniors’ Education Centre
e: debra.burnett@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-6904
Kama Guezalova
Assistant Manager, Social Inclusion
p: 778-888-0052
Raman Manhas
Economic Inclusion
e: best@gobaci.com
p: 778-238-6703
John Woods
Community Connectors & Personal Network Development
e: john.woods@gobaci.com
p: 778-558-5714
Jen Ghioda
Children & Family Services
e: jen.ghioda@gobaci.com
p: 604-657-5846
Anna Penn
Payroll & Benefits
e: anna.penn@gobaci.com
p: 604-292-1285
Kyle Harrison
e: kyle.harrison@gobaci.com
p: 778-655-1463

Adult Program Supervisors & Coordinators

Christopher Coon
Social Inclusion Supervisor
e: christopher.coon@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-4760
Carolyn Davey
Social Inclusion Coordinator
e: carolyn.davey@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-2293
Matt Kosciecha
Acting Social Inclusion Supervisor
e: matt.kosciecha@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-2261
Ian Moyles
Social Inclusion Coordinator
e: ian.moyles@gobaci.com
p: 778-788-4502
Kamran Tehrani
Social Inclusion Coordinator
e: kamran.tehrani@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-1677
Frankie Unrau
Social Inclusion Coordinator
e: frankie.unrau@gobaci.com
p: 604-396-2818
Karlo Agojo
Residential Supervisor
e: karlo.agojo@gobaci.com
p: 778-840-4666
Michael Carney 
Acting Residential Supervisor
e: michael.carney@gobaci.com
Karlo Feliciano 
Residential Coordinator
e: karlo.feliciano@gobaci.com
p: 778-863-5294
Salvador Macaranas
Residential Supervisor
e: salvador.macaranas@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-0667
Kevin MacGillivary
Residential Coordinator
e: kevin.macgillivary@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-2264
Ron Marr
Acting Residential Coordinator
e: ron.marr@gobaci.com
p: 778-999-1607
Melody Maxfield
Acting Residential Supervisor
e: melody.maxfield@gobaci.com
Zak Mudoba
Residential Supervisor
e: zak.mudoba@gobaci.com
p: 604-360-4863
Tammy Short
Residential Supervisor
e: tammy.short@gobaci.com
p: 604-612-9372
Matthew Theoret
Residential Coordinator
e: matthew.theoret@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-7297
Joanne Zamora
Residential Coordinator
e: joanne.zamora@gobaci.com
p: 778-628-0456
Ilona Kosciecha
Outreach Coordinator
e: ilona.kosciecha@gobaci.com
p: 604-561-0793

Additional Contacts

Employment Services
e: best@gobaci.com
p: 604-299-5100
Property Manager: 604-515-7510 Reception
e: reception@gobaci.com
p: 604-299-7851
Tech Support
e: tech.support@gobaci.com
p: 778-655-1463

Children’s Services

Chrisa Aiteur
Supervisor, Fair Haven
e: chrisa.aiteur@gobaci.com
p: 604-437-0171
Lesley Cannon
Supervisor, Variety
e: lesley.cannon@gobaci.com
p: 778-888-4738
Carly Neville
SupervisorSouth Slope
e: carly.neville@gobaci.com
p: 604-419-0806
Anna Tran
Acting Supervisor, Brentwood Park Plus
e: anna.tran@gobaci.com
p: 604-294-6060


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