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BACI’s CARF Survey — A Job Very Well Done!

After months of hard work in preparing for Accreditation, it’s finally over. The CARF Surveyors came, met with our BACI teams and other stakeholders, and left feeling very impressed!

As you know, CARF (The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission) has developed “best practice” standards by gathering feedback and expertise from families, people with disabilities, and the employees throughout North America who are connected with the Community Social Services sector.

We were surveyed on 1,233 Standards of Practice, and received only 2 Recommendations on things we can improve! All of our programs received “outstanding” reviews.

In their closing statement yesterday afternoon, the 4 Surveyors recognized and appreciated the people we serve and their families, and the long-standing commitment they have to the values of inclusion and belonging. They also recognized the deep commitment of our Board of Directors and their leadership and involvement in the stewardship of our organization.

The Surveyors emphasized several times how “superb” our staff are — how they are “sensitive to the needs and desires of the people served and listen so well to what people and families have to say.” Their genuine care for people and families is clearly evident.

The Surveyors recognized BACI’s commitment to culturally sensitive supports in all program areas, employing staff that reflect the diversity of our community and the people we serve. They were also impressed with the extensive variety of housing models we offer, and our creativity in finding appropriate housing for the people we serve.

BACI’s strong Leadership Team was acknowledged, as well as our “top flight” Technology, Finance, Human Resources and Health & Safety practices.

When we receive the formal CARF Report in the next 6-8 weeks, we will share more details of the learnings. In the meantime, we have plans for a BIG CELEBRATION at our next General Meeting on June 22nd! Stay tuned for more details to come.

Thanks again to everyone involved for their hard work in preparing for this Accreditation survey. It truly made a difference and is something to be proud of!


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