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Disability Confidence Review at BACI ~ Coming Soon!

As an organization committed to Disability Confidence — and to continual reflection and learning — BACI has decided to hire an external consultant, Karen Lai, to review how well we are doing including people with disabilities in BACI’s workforce.

BACI made a promise to hire people with disabilities in 2010, and now 10% of our employees identify as having disabilities. Our commitment to disability confidence is also reflected in our policy development, strategic planning, advocacy, and purchasing practices.

Over the next 7 months (until March 2017), Karen Lai will perform a careful review of what has happened over the last six years as we have diversified our workforce and increased our disability confidence. She will look at BACI policies and practices, and will gather input from as many stakeholders as possible.

Karen will also host a leadership group and a families’ group, and will send out on-line surveys to gather input from all staff. We hope you will participate, because we value your feedback and opinions!

Please watch for more information on this internal review over the next 7 months. Meeting dates will be announced soon!

If you are interested in finding out more about this review — or wish to discus the process directly with Karen — please feel free to contact her at 604.889-7961 or karen.lai@telus.net.

About Karen Lai:
Karen works as an independent consultant with businesses and organizations to increase the accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities. She holds a Masters of Arts in Human Kinetics, where she examined the social theories behind social inclusion of people with disabilities. She has more than 20 years of working alongside people with disabilities in the fields of recreation, employment, government, and other community involvements. Currently, she works with many organizations and businesses who are working towards inclusion and accessibility through employment and other community involvements. Karen is a strong self-advocate where she believes that it is her responsibility to develop connections and relationships with one another to create a sense of comfort around disability and inclusion.



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