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Economic Inclusion

BACI’s Employment Services & Training (BEST)

BEST is a service developed by BACI to empower individuals to find jobs and make meaningful contributions to the communities in which they live. We assist individuals of varying abilities to find and maintain employment that matches their skills and interests.

We collaborate with employers to help them diversify to the greatest extent possible, to ensure that both employer and employee are satisfied. Our effective personalized service focuses on meeting employers’ business needs through positive and innovative employment solutions.

We Offer FREE Employment Service and Training

  • Pre-Recruitment: We are committed to learning about your business and the skills and abilities needed to fill the open positions.
  • Quality Job Matching: We provide pre-screened individuals who have the skills to meet your business needs.
  • On-site Coaching: We offer 1:1 support to the new employee – at no cost to you. We will assist the development of the employee/employer relationship to maintain successful employment.
For more information on BEST, please go to www.bestemployment.ca, email BEST, or call 604.299.5100.

Social Enterprise

BACI’s Action Packaging social enterprise offers opportunities for people of all abilities to find employment doing work that they enjoy.


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