A Salute to Cathy Grant

Jupiter is the planet with the most powerful gravitational pull because it has the largest mass – that’s how it works in space. But that can’t be how it works here on earth. The power of pull just cannot be linked to mass here on earth because Cathy Grant was a tiny woman who had immense pull. Once in Cathy’s orbit, there was no getting out, not really. And as we mourn her passing and reflect on her life we are so thankful that she pulled us in and kept us in her orbit.

While circling Cathy she pulled at our values, pushed at our actions and challenged us to think and act in ways we had never considered before. While circling Cathy she challenged us to take risks alongside her, to be as brave as her, to be as rebellious as her. Sometimes we took those risks, sometimes we didn’t. Sometimes we were brave, sometimes we weren’t. Sometimes we joined her rebellion and sometimes we watched from the sidelines. But always we circled her. Always we stayed in her orbit. Always we were guided by her powerful pull.

We’ll miss Cathy. We feel blessed to have been in her orbit. We’ll forever feel the pull.

Her friends at BACI

Please note: Details of Cathy’s memorial will be shared once they are known.

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