About BACI


The Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) was created in 1956, when parents gathered in Burnaby to advocate for the rights of their children with disabilities. We have grown into a non-profit organization that provides innovative services to over 1,000 children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities and their families in Metro Vancouver.

We provide a wide range of training, development, social, recreational and employment opportunities. Throughout BACI, and through our collaborations with local businesses, we support the economic inclusion of people with disabilities.

BACI continues to seek opportunities to increase social awareness and effect change in the way people with disabilities are viewed in our society.

Help us build a more inclusive and caring community by:
• Partnering with us on innovative social and economic initiatives
• Connecting with us to share ideas and strategies to advance inclusion — at info@gobaci.com or 604.299.7851
• Volunteering on one of our committees — by contacting Lisa Thomson or calling 604.299.7851
• Participating in annual celebrations and events — by following us on Facebook or Twitter, or checking out Updates on this website
• Becoming a Member

If you have a passion for helping people and are looking for new work opportunities, head over to our Careers & Opportunities page

BACI is interested in partnering with businesses and other organizations to create more opportunities for people with diverse abilities to contribute to our community – and our workforce.

Please call 604.299.7851 or email info@gobaci.com for more information.

Create and contribute to a society that includes all people.
Help people connect with family and friends, achieve hopes and dreams, learn and grow, have choices respected, access quality supports and services
Advocate for the rights and responsibilities of everyone.

The Co-CEO Team will maintain the effective leadership profile of the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion within the community of Burnaby and throughout the province of British Columbia. Read more about our leadership model here.

Tanya Sather

The Association must be accessible to all persons who use and interact, or who may potentially use and interact, with our services. Systems and resources are useless if people cannot find, access, or understand them.

Our Commitment: We are committed to ensuring that our services are accessible to all who may require them, or who may need to interact with us. We conduct yearly assessments of all sites used by the Association.

Access includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Physical environment. The Still Creek Centre and all properties maintained or used by the Association will be accessible for those who need them to be.
  • Communication/Language. The Association will endeavour to provide clear, accurate, and understandable information to those who require it. This includes providing information in plain language for those who request it and, where possible, to provide important information in the first language of those involved (i.e., through written translations or the use of interpreters).
  • Outreach. The Association will seek to distribute information about its own services (and subsequently, information about the general availability of support services) to different cultural, ethnic, and social groups who may not be aware of these resources.

Disability Confidence means that all parts of our organization are accessible to, and inclusive of, people with disabilities. We actively work to remove barriers so that people of all abilities can contribute as employees, partners, or as participants in our programs or services. In other words:

The Association provides most of its services through public funds, and to individuals who are amongst the most vulnerable in society. It is essential that we are accountable to the public, to the Ministry with whom our services are contracted, and to the individuals and families that expect us to be able to provide safe, meaningful, and quality services.

Our Commitment: To this end, our Association is committed to being transparent in its practices and operations, and to being accountable to all stakeholders for all aspects of its activities (individuals, families and personal support systems, the Ministry, the public and local communities, Association members, external professionals, financial donors, and so on). The only limit to this transparency shall be with respect to our duty to protect the personal information and privacy of individuals and their families.


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