BACI and our social research and development partners – InWithForward, Kinsight, and posAbilities – are excited to announce that is up and running! 

What is CURIKO?

CURIKO is a free online platform that blends many of our early prototypes (including CoMakeDo). It connects people to meaningful experiences and creates space for experimentation and learning:

  • Participate in online experiences like ASLEgyptology at the Vancouver Museum, or Bard on the Beach. 
  • See some of your favourite online hosts, like David the Inspirational humorist and Emily the music therapist. 
  • Find new formats of experience like Box experiences and Video experiences!

You can try different experiences on your own, or share them with someone you support!

We believe that those who use Curiko will discover more of the universe within themselves, others and the world, and that their sense of belonging in the world will grow along with their curiosity, competency, and confidence.

Learn more about why we think Curiko is important here:

Have more questions about CURIKO?

Email or call 604-862-5836
Follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @curikoexperience

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