BACI is a place where children and adults of all abilities are supported to reach for their dreams and make decisions about their lives -- where they want to live, work, learn and grow. Who their friends are. What they believe in. Read more about what we offer.

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  • BACI Summer Youth Camp

    Looking for fun, exciting all day summer adventures for youth in the Burnaby and New Westminster areas? Register now for BACI’s Summer Youth Camp!

  • What’s Happening: BACI’s Children’s Services

    The past 2 months have been filled with fun, adventure and learning at BACI’s child care and out-of-school care centres. Find out more here.

  • BACI & New Anti-Spam Law

    Based on our understanding of the new Anti-Spam Law coming into effect on July 1, 2014, we do not believe it applies to the communications that BACI emails its members and other stakeholders. The law only applies to “Commercial Electronic Communications (CEC).” Non-profit organizations like BACI that only send out informational emails and newsletters, or occasional emails about […]

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  • Christina Wins Big at Special Olympics!

    Read about Christina’s passion for rhythmic gymnastics and her great success at the National Special Olympics!

  • The InWithForward Team: Going Forward With People

    Read what Sarah, Jonas and Yani have learned over the past 3 months about enabling connections that help people explore and expand their sense of who they are. And check out the new ideas they’d like to prototype moving forward!

  • Tanks for the Experience

    Read about a BACI staff’s initiative and 3 young men’s openness to try new work experiences in a local Burnaby pet store.

  • Got Pop Tabs?

    Read about Ken’s continuing quest to collect pop tabs to donate to local charities.

  • In Pursuit of a Dream Job

    Read about Eric’s journey as he moves closer to his dream of building a successful woodworking business.

  • Autism Is Not All Of Me

    Read the story of Alex M sharing his inspiring message with two classrooms of children in Grades 3 to 5, and how he helped them to better understand one of their classmates with autism.