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A voyage of discovery for Terrina

by Axiom | August 22, 2012 6:23 pm

Eight people join sailing event organized by BACI
Wednesday August 22, 2012 — Michelle Strutzenberger

Trying sailing was high on Terrina’s list of goals she crafted with the support of Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) staff-members last year, and after the 45-minute lark on the open water, she loved it.

It reminds her of a cruise ship, Terrina tells the BACI Blast, adding she has travelled on “many, many” cruise ships, but she’d choose sailing over cruise shipping any day.


“Because I like it,” she says, going on to list the specific attractions from the fresh air to the fast speed to the sun shining warm on her skin.

After the trip last year, she was eager to book again but learned she had to wait for the following May.


A photo from the Aug. 16 sailing excursion.

Come this spring, she was the one to remind BACI staff, who had organized the first outing with the Disability Sailing Association (DSA), to be sure and get their names in again. The DSA is a popular organization for would-be sailors and it’s important to get one’s names in early and then to keep asking about openings, BACI staff members have learned.

This year Terrina’s passion inspired others, and, when asked, seven other people that BACI works with said they were also interested in trying it out.

Four were able to head out on the water last Thursday with another four scheduled to go this week.


Terrina says it’s the fresh air, sun on her skin and fast speed she loves about sailing.

Michelle Buxbaum, who participated in the sailing as a support person from BACI, says she really got the sense that participants enjoyed it.

“We’re on the beach with the DSA . . . and everyone is sailing; people are rigging up boats and you’re just a part of that community. It’s really cool,” she says.

“It goes with our mission,” she adds, when asked. “We’re person-centred and we want (the people we work with) to have experiences that everyone else gets.

“Sailing is a pretty normal experience for everyone in the summer, especially here in the Vancouver.”

The cost for the sailing excursion is minimal through the DSA at $10 a person, which Michelle notes BACI covers if families find it prohibitive.

The intention is definitely to do it again next year, she adds.

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