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BACI summer program builds on community exploration

by Axiom | July 27, 2012 2:10 pm

Spots available for summer full-time program
Thursday July 26, 2012 — Michelle Strutzenberger

Children who sign up for a Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) summer program can expect to find much more than a fun experience in a camp setting. It will also include exploring their local community, and having the opportunity to show their care for it.

There’s talk of visiting the Science World, the Vancouver Aquarium, Stanley Park, local beaches, local parks and much more.

There will also be a chance for the children to participate in community fundraisers organized by the center. This can strengthen their sense of community ownership, states a write-up about the program.

The summer program and particularly its heavy community involvement is another way BACI is seeking to bring to life its vision of a society that includes all people.

The Burnaby association continues to focus on innovation — doing things in new and better ways – as a key tool for bringing this society into being.

Co-executive director Richard Faucher is one of the drivers of this vision, most recently through the launch of an innovation think-tank called Ideas for Change, which brings together staff-members to share their creative ideas for inclusion.

“We must no longer see ourselves as, introduce ourselves as, or promote ourselves as a needy charity that looks after all the people that don’t belong,” Richard writes in a blog[1] on his own shift in insights on people who have a disability and the work of organizations like BACI with them.

“We must see ourselves as the agents of a huge talent pool with tremendous assets, introduce ourselves as an economic contributor with huge purchasing power, and promote ourselves as innovative change makers with amazing concepts and ideas ready to move forward.

“To do otherwise will perpetuate deficit.”

While BACI operates four out of school centres, it is its location at 7622, 12th Avenue in Burnaby that still has spots available for the program beginning Aug. 1. Spaces are also still available for before and after school care beginning in September.

For full details, and to sign up, click here.[2]

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