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New Canadian film on disability injustice in the works

by Axiom | April 12, 2012 4:15 am

Hope is Not a Plan aims to reveal the problem, propose a solution
Michelle Strutzenberger

When he first met B.C. resident Paul Caune and heard his story of living with muscular dystrophy and the injustices he faced, Colin Ford felt angry and a little helpless.

He learned how Paul, though not a senior, lived for several years at a B.C. long-term care home that was badly in need of repair, where people receive a shower a week and live with one to three others in one room.

Paul tells of being abused and hearing from the director of risk management and client relations to whom he reported it, “Even if I come to the same conclusion you have, that (someone) violated the Health Care Consent Act, I will do nothing.”

Through those conversations with Paul and then others who have a disability, Colin says he was struck by a recurrent theme: Canadians who have a disability need more power over their lives.

As a film director, Colin decided to share that theme through one of society’s most powerful mediums today.

“I want the proverbial fourth-row audience member to walk away from this film informed and witness to what people in Canada go through every day,” says Colin.

“I want every Canadian to see it and make their own determination about how our rights in Canada are protected.”

His goal is to both reveal the problem by telling the real-life stories of people facing injustice in Canada, and then also to propose a solution.

“Hope is Not a Plan” is in production in Montreal and Ottawa this month.

Slated for release in spring 2013, it will be distributed via its website and submitted to major film festivals worldwide.

To learn more, visit this link[1],  where snippets of the stories being followed will be posted regularly.

“We hope that everyone will join us on this journey, because it affects us all,” says Colin.

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  1. link: http://www.hopeisnotaplan.ca

Source URL: http://gobaci.com/2012/new-canadian-film-on-disability-injustice-in-the-works/

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