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Successful U.S. employment brokerage system inspires BACI

Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion’s (BACI) employment services and training wants to see how aspects of an employment brokerage system finding success in the U.S. could be copied in B.C.

As part of the system in a region of the U.S., a number of organizations working with people to find employment are connected through an employment broker to about 300 local schools.

As the schools have openings for various positions, the broker relays information about the positions back to the support organizations. The broker and support agencies then work together to find job candidates from within the pool of people the agencies support. They also arrange for job coaches and organize other processes to make filling the positions possible.

In one case, a school board eventually funded the broker position as it helped the board be more efficient and save costs by being able to fill positions more quickly, says BACI manager of economic inclusion Steve Withrington.

An added benefit to the model is that it cuts down on the risk of multiple support organizations approaching the same businesses repeatedly about job opportunities.

The model also offers a way for multiple organizations that support people who have a disability in finding employment to co-ordinate their efforts and hopefully be more effective as a result.

Steve notes the brokerage system could be applied in a number of industry areas, including hotels, colleges and hospitals. One area of particular interest is the aviation industry, he notes. BACI employment services and training is currently exploring such an arrangement with Westjet.

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