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Co-Executive Director Leadership Model

by admin | July 11, 2012 7:20 pm

Co-Executive Team Mission

The Co-Executive Team will maintain the effective leadership profile of the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion within the community of Burnaby and throughout the province of British Columbia. We will achieve this by:

To succeed, we need to:

Co-Executive Roles & Responsibilities

The Co-Executive Team will partner on all aspects of the Association’s leadership. However, three functional areas are identified:

Area A – Direct Services

Area B – Support Services

Each area is the primary responsibility of the Co-Executive Team. Many aspects and activities within Areas A and B will intertwine and therefore will not be dealt with as single units. In fact, a goal of the Co-Executive Team is to enhance the functional relationship between Direct Services and Support Services.

While the activities of these two areas will increasingly become mutually supportive, it is critical for the Management Team to have clarity on reporting and performance expectations. While there is a hierarchical relationship between the Co-Executive Team and all the Managers, functionally, the day-to-day reporting relationships will follow the area delineation. The Co-Executive Team will share the following broader human resource function in relation to the Management Team:

Area C – Shared Responsibilities

There are several activities of leadership that will be shared between the Co-Executive Team. Over time, specific portfolios will likely develop, but in the following key areas the Co-Executive Team will assume responsibilities in partnership:

Decision Making

Consensus Decision-Making Model:

The Co-Executive Team will strive to reach consensus on all decisions. Our consensus decision-making model can be described as follows:

Dispute Resolution:

If a conflict cannot be resolved through all measures identified in our decision-making process, the person with the identified responsibility will have the final decision. As a team, it is fundamental that we support each other’s decisions and input. To demonstrate this support, the Co-Executive Team will jointly participate in the implementation of all decisions. To ensure that all possible solutions have been explored, the Co-Executive Team may also access the consultation of the Board of Directors and/or Ethics & Conflict Resolution Committee.

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